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Post by reembiz on Tue Nov 17, 2009 5:03 pm

Who are you? What's your name? Nickname?
My name is Reem Merencilla (u may call me Rhemy or Rhem too but prefer to be called "Reem" an Islamic name which means "Beautiful Gazelle"

Where are you from? What do you do?
Batang Tondo but currently living in United Arab Emirates (most popularly known as "Dubai" )
Aside from my daily routine as a devoted wife and mother well oDesking,PinoyDeskying, oh not to mention playing games in Facebook name any from playfish to Zynga Smile

How did you learn about Pinoydesk?
Thanks to Emz who had hired and gave me chance to start something at oDesk (since I am just a newbie as well ) and from there onwards introduced his PinoyDesk world Smile

Who invited you? Please name member. (if applicable)
Well ... this question is good Smile... I believe most of you know his name by now, i usually call him "kiddo" but most popularly known as Emz being a friendly person as he mentioned and want most if not all Filipino community to be together our very own PinoyDesk creator, moderator, adviser whatever else that could be added is the one who had invited me to join and share his world here at PinoyDesk

Do you work? What company?
At the moment a full time HW (curious about the meaning? ), making oDesk as my sideline (or we can say libangan to buy some small chocolate Smile ) PinoyDesk (as my tambayan aside hanging around my pethouse in facebook Pet Society), previously working in a Multi-National Shipping & Freight Forwarding company as an Asst. Manager in Operation and Documentation Department and currently searching for a "real" and stable job again Smile

Did you study? What year & course? What school?
Graduated year 1996 from my Alma Matter Far Eastern University (di ko maiwan so HS & college dyan ako nagpakasunog ng kilay Smile )
took up Bachelor of Science in Psychology (ok don't get too excited i cannot and will not be able to read ur mind)

What is your intention in joining our group?
to join Emz's union of all Filipino Freelancers Online, gain more friends, to find a place where i can as well get an advise, help and or suggestions for making "real time " business (and i mean "business" not a monkey or a scamming type, of course we have to start as small business muna, 4W's & H is a big question mark with this regard)

Describe yourself briefly:
Funny, Witty, Friendly and smart ! (Carrying my own chair? Well i am confident about it Smile )

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