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Post by rich_servant on Fri Feb 12, 2010 1:02 am

\This opportunity is meant only for the few and exclusive only for:
• Someone who wants to learn business.
• Someone who’s looking for a mentor.
• Someone who’s into business but wants to learn more.
• Someone who doesn’t have any business but want to start one.
• Someone who wants to learn business from zero.
• Someone who wants to improve his/her financial life, oneself, network (people he/she knows), and improve the lives of others as well.
• Someone who wants to learn the following:
o Attitudes of success
o Leadership skills
o Communication skills
o How to overcome fears, doubts and boost self confidence
o Money management skills
o Wealth creation skills
o Investing
o Goal setting
o Time management
o Systemization

The following are not allowed to undergo the Mentoring Program:
• People who think they know everything – They don’t learn new things or learn nothing at all.
The three most dangerous words in English language are “I know that.” –T. Harv Eker-
• People who always say “You can’t do that.” – They really can’t do anything and disturbs people who are making things happen.
• People who loves to say “Di ko kaya” – They lack the will power to succeed
Limited only for 16 apprentices who will aspire as a multi millionaire from zero using the art and science of leverage. And if you think that you are that someone, send text message or email with your name, age, occupation and reasons why you want to join our business organization and I will reserve a seat to our free Entrepreneurship Course where you can learn the details of our Program.

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