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presentation jobs, logo, design HELP Empty presentation jobs, logo, design HELP

Post by pinkfit on Sat Apr 23, 2011 1:32 am

Hello, I recently joined both oDesk and pinoydesk. Basically my experience is on freelance writing, but I've also done transcriptions and I am amazed at the many opportunities for designers and artists. I would like to try my luck in applying for these, kasi minsan may nakikita ako na projects na interested ako gawin. Kaso I don't have a portfolio to show and I don't know how to start backing myself up in that area. Mostly kasi ng mga nagawa kong logo logo is personal stuff lang, the most I can probably show is ginawa kong logo for our section. Another thing I'm concerned about is the copyrights kasi baka yung mga ginagamit ko ay copyrighted pala since I just mostly get it from the net.

Meron po bang mga freelancers na eto yung main source of income sa odesk? hope you could share your thoughts. Thank you po!

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