List 3 Characteristics That You Need To Have/Possess To Be Successful in Odesk

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List 3 Characteristics That You Need To Have/Possess To Be Successful in Odesk Empty List 3 Characteristics That You Need To Have/Possess To Be Successful in Odesk

Post by ieatrainbows on Fri Oct 15, 2010 1:41 am

A lot of things has been said about being successful in odesk. Who wouldn't want to be a part of it? Is there really such a thing as a right formula or a right attitude that people who want to have or learn while looking for jobs in odesk? Or is it that some people just have sheer luck when landing their first jobs? Whatever the case may be, may it be the right attitude or just pure luck, list three things that you think you have to possess to pave the way to a promising odesk career.

Here is my list:

1. Patience - I think this is the main key. We need to have patience when job hunting. Apply and apply to those job posts that you think you can handle. Do not be afraid of being rejected. A lot of us have been in that position and it wouldn't hurt us a bit. A dose of rejection is better than not trying at all. In the case of those people with ongoing jobs at the moment, having patience is still important. Why? Simply because some of the jobs are repetitive and if you do not have enough patience it would bore you to death.

2. Logic - This is very important. A lot of employers are very busy that they do not have time to check and answer every question that we may have. We have to think logically, solve problems on our own and work efficiently. How? Google should be our best friend. Why not use it to our advantage? If you have any questions or something is unclear, try googling it first and search for the answer. If you have exhausted all your efforts, then that's the time to ask your buyer. I didn't mean to search all day long, just a few searches will do. This is what you call a self-starter. You have to think for yourself first and learn to solve problems on your own. Pat yourself at the back if you found the solution to your answer. You are now thinking and working independently.

3. Attention To Detail - Be attentive when buyers give instructions. Follow it up to the last detail, so to speak. They wouldn't give or mention it to you unless they are not that important, don't you think? Being accurate is also significant. If you doubt something like a spelling or an unfamiliar word, try to google it. I told you, Google is your best friend. It would just take a few seconds. Remember, it's best to be accurate than submit a task which is lousily done. Don't forget to check the spaces, periods and commas. They are very important details, too. Don't forget to double check your work before submitting it. It's better that you catch your errors rather than the buyer catching it for you.

Only three? Well, I could go on and on but I think these three that I've mentioned are the important ones for me, at least.

It's your turn now... what are the characteristics included in your list? Please do share.. We'd love to hear from you as well. Razz
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